Hall History

Langley with Hardley Village Hall - A Brief History

1977 saw the Queens Silver Jubilee along with many other Towns and Villages Langley with Hardley decided to have a street party to celebrate the event.
They raised some money and along with donations of goodies they had their party. They then thought that if they could raise money for that they should be able to raise enough money to

build a Village Hall. Fund raising started in earnest, they held auctions, raffles, dances. Chicken shed hops and many other events.
In 1981 they had raised enough money to purchase a redundant American cedar wood School. The School was bought, dismantled and transported to the site it now stands on.
A work force from the Villages set about putting it back together and fitting it out. Eventually in August 1981 it was opened.
They started several clubs such as horticultural, indoor bowls, Youth club and a social club. Bingonight was always popular.
The Village Hall was successful for many years but as with many things it started to get run down through lack of support. But now it has been refurbished and is a very bright, well equipped Hall. Again the Villagers rallied round to help.

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